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"Catonsville - Westview Park"

1.42+/- Acre Development Site Formerly Westview Swimming Club
Black Friars Road
Catonsville, MD
Baltimore County
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SOLD $360,000
March 17, 2022 AT 11:00AM

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“Westview Park”

– Formerly Westview Swimming Club –

Known As
Tax ID: 0123155363
Corner of Chesworth and Crosby Roads
Catonsville, Baltimore County, MD 21228

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NOTE: The information contained herein has been obtained from sources deemed reliable and is believed to be accurate. However, no express or implied warranty is made or may be inferred from any such representation. Dimensions, square footage and acreage contained herein are more or less. Prospective purchasers are encouraged to perform their own due diligence, in advance of the auction, regarding the permitted uses of the property.

The subject property is located in the Westview Park community in the Catonsville area of western Baltimore County. There are more than 1,500 homes within Westview Park, a neighborhood that straddles the Baltimore Beltway (I-695) between I-70 and Baltimore National Pike (US-40). The community was originally developed in the late 1950’s, and features varying home styles commensurate with construction over the decades thereafter. The location offers exceptional convenience with easy access to each of the highways mentioned above, as well as great access to shopping, dining and neighborhood services throughout the area. Major nearby employers include the Social Security Administration and UMBC, in addition to those in Downtown Baltimore, Columbia and the BWI Commercial Corridor.

The subject property comprises the eastern half of what was formerly known as the Westview Swimming Club, and later as Crosby Crossing, whose address was 1315 Black Friars Road. Operated for several decades, the swim club was a source of joy and memories for generations of community residents and guests. The property sits at the corners of Black Friars, Chesworth and Crosby Roads, a short distance east of the Baltimore Beltway. The site offers an array of prospective uses, including further utilization as a recreational facility, redevelopment for single family homes, development as a religious facility or a variety of other prospective uses as permitted by the zoning. The size, orientation and location of the site offers an excellent opportunity for purchasers of all types.

For more information about the area, please visit:
Baltimore County Government –
Greater Catonsville Chamber of Commerce –

Known as Baltimore County Tax ID 0123155363 – the site comprises 1.42 acres, according to public tax records. Plat

The site is bound by Black Friars, Chesworth and Crosby Roads to the south, east and north, respectively, and by a Baltimore County Utility and Drainage easement to the west.

The site is improved by a utility building, large pool and a variety of landscape structures. Mature trees and landscaping are also located throughout, namely at the edges. Masonry and chain link fencing surrounds the property.

Public utilities are in the surrounding streets, and may by located on-site at the property.

Zoned DR 5.5 Residential

According to the Baltimore County Citizen’s Guide to Zoning (“Guide”), “Typical Uses Permitted by Right… DR 5.5: single family, semi-detached, and duplex allowed; single family attached and multifamily with compatibility finding.” The Guide goes on to state that “There are no minimum lot sizes required for new subdivisions yielding more than 6 lots. For small subdivisions yielding 6 lots or less, a minimum lot size is required, based on zoning designation. Minimum setback requirements also vary by zoning.”

According to the Baltimore County zoning code, other uses allowable within a DR 5.5 zone include:

  • Churches, other buildings for religious worship or other religious institutions
  • Farms, produce stand in association with a farm, or limited-acreage wholesale flower farms
  • Garages, community
  • Hospitals
  • Privately sponsored day care and nursery programs, as an ancillary use, within housing for the elderly projects, as defined in Section 101 of these regulations
  • Class A group child care centers and Class B group child care centers providing for up to 40 children, if not located in a residential transition area, subject to the requirements of Section 424, and family child care homes, group child care centers and nursery schools
  • Schools, except business or trade schools or such schools as are permitted by special exception (Subsection C, below), but including schools for agricultural training and private colleges on properties recommended for designation for institutional/educational uses in a Community Plan adopted by the County Council.

Uses permitted by special exception include:

  • Camps, public or quasi-public, including day camps
  • Conservatories for music or other arts
  • Convalescent homes
  • Community buildings, swimming pools, commercial beaches, golf courses, country clubs or other similar civic, social, recreational or educational uses…
  • Tourist homes
  • Veterinarians’ offices
  • Volunteer fire company stations
  • Wireless telecommunications towers, subject to Section 426.

For more information about Baltimore County Zoning, please visit:
Zoning Review Overview –

In fee simple; sold free and clear of liens.

Published annual real estate taxes are $5,577.71, based on a full value assessment of $392,000.

Please see the contract of sale for complete terms.
Live Auction Bidders – a $20,000 deposit, payable by cashier’s check, will be required of the purchaser at time and place of sale. The deposit shall be increased to 10% of the purchase price within 24 hours at the Auctioneer’s office.

Online Auction Bidders – a 10% deposit, payable by cashier’s check or wire transfer, will be required of the purchaser by 4:00 p.m. on the day of auction, at the Auctioneer’s office.

Deposit funds shall be held by A. J. Billig & Co., LLC. Balance to be paid in cash at settlement, which shall take place within 45 days. If payment of the deposit or balance does not take place within the specified time, the deposit shall be forfeited and the property may be resold at the risk and expense of the Purchaser. Interest to be charged on the unpaid purchase money, at the rate of 12% per annum, from date of contract to date of settlement. All adjustments, including taxes, ground rent and all other public charges and assessments payable on a monthly or annual basis, and sanitary and/or metropolitan district charges, if any, to be adjusted for the current year to date of contract and assumed thereafter by the Purchaser. The property will be sold in “AS IS” condition, and subject to easements, agreements, restrictions or covenants of record affecting same, if any. Purchaser assumes the risk of loss from the date of contract forward. The Purchaser waives and releases the Seller, the Auctioneers, and their respective agents, successors and assigns from any and all claims the Purchaser and/or its successors and assigns may now have or may have in the future relating to the condition of the property, including but not limited to the environmental condition thereof. If the Seller is unable to convey good and marketable title, the Purchaser’s sole remedy in law or equity shall be limited to the refund of the deposit. Upon refund of the deposit this sale shall be null and void and of no effect, and the Purchaser shall have no further claim against the Seller or Auctioneers. Recordation costs, transfer taxes and all costs incidental to settlement to be paid by the Purchaser except where otherwise mandated by local, State or Federal law. Time is of the essence.


"Catonsville - Westview Park"
1.42+/- Acre Development Site Formerly Westview Swimming Club
Black Friars Road
Catonsville, MD
Baltimore County
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SOLD $360,000
March 17, 2022 AT 11:00AM

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