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A. J. Billig Auctioneers provide a fair and open venue to purchase a property. The auction is organized and the rules are straightforward. You set your own price and bid what you want to pay. Auctions provide buyers with opportunities for great value and are the fastest way to buy real estate. You know the results instantly. Also, auctions are fun to attend!

Tips For Buying Real Estate At Auction

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  • Arrive at the auction early to give yourself time to inspect the property, register, and ask questions.
  • Research as much as you can, including the prices for similar properties in the area.
  • You can bring along a knowledgeable friend, property inspector, contractor, real estate agent, or appraiser to help advise you.
  • Be prepared to bid. Bidding is simple, but if you’re doing it for the first time, it can be intimidating. Make sure you clearly understand the terms and conditions (listed in the bidder packet you’ll receive at registration) of the auction before making a bid.
  • Listen closely. The auctioneer will determine the increments of bidding. If you are having a bit of trouble understanding the auction chant, listen for a few minutes and get a feel for it before you jump in.
  • Be sure you make eye contact with the auctioneer when you bid.
  • The process is fast, so if you wish to bid, quickly raise your hand or shout.

Looking For Online Auctions, Onsite Auctions Or Both? You’re In The Right Place!

The Onsite Auction Process

On the day of the onsite auction, the auctioneer will arrive at the property at least one-half to one hour before the auction time. See the Inspection section in Buyers FAQ for more details. We recommend that you arrive at the auction early to have enough time to register and inspect the property.

You will need to show the auctioneer that you have the required deposit which qualifies you as a bidder.

Before the bidding starts, the auctioneer will make important announcements regarding the property and your obligations as a purchaser. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding these announcements and the terms of sale.

After the announcement and question period, the auctioneer will solicit bids for the property. Bids are generally made either verbally or by raising a hand. Bidding increments are made in amounts acceptable to the auctioneer, who may set a minimum bidding increment as the sale progresses. Any bid that is merely a nominal or fractional advance may be rejected by the auctioneer if in their judgment, it may  be harmful to the sale. If a dispute arises between two or more bidders, the auctioneer will decide in favor of one of the bidders, or immediately re-offer the property.

The Online Auction Process

On the day of the online auction, if you haven’t already, create a login for our online bidding system. Once the bidding is open and ready for bids, log into the system on the auction website page or in the app.

Once you are in the app or on the website, the online auction will have a choice of buttons to increase your bid by preset increments. You may also type in a custom amount. It’s that easy! If you are the highest bidder, you must sign the contract and deliver the deposit to the office of the auctioneer or send a wire transfer. For more details on the deposit, see also the Terms of Sale on each auction listing.

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There’s a reason we’re the best. Our fourth-generation family-run business has been operating for over a century. We know auctions. We are honest, transparent, trustworthy, and work hard to provide our clients with the results they want.

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