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The following information is provided by A. J. Billig & Co., Auctioneers to assist you in understanding purchasing a property at an online auction. The material in this form is general in nature and does not limit your obligations under the contract of sale that you will be required to sign.

Are you looking for info about buying Real Estate at auction? See our Real Estate Auction FAQ page.

If you have any questions that are not answered below, please  email: or call 410-296-8440.

How do I bid online?

  1. If you haven’t already, create a login for our online bidding system: Once you are logged in, then you can register to bid on each property you are interested in.
    You can also download our app:   
  2. Once bidding is open, log into the online bidding system on the auction web page or in the app.
  3. The online auction will have buttons to increase your bid by preset increments or you can type in a custom amount.
  4. If you are the high bidder, you must sign the contract and deliver the deposit to the office of the Auctioneer or send a wire transfer. See also the terms of sale on the auction web page.

Why do I have to enter my credit card info?
All bidders are securely verified through the online platform to ensure safe and honest bidding – using your credit card to verify your identity and that you have the funds available for the deposit. The online auction system does not place a hold on your card – the ping is sent and then voided immediately. Your financial institution may place a hold according to their policies and processes. Debit cards may not work for verification due to certain bank policies.

I’m having trouble using a debit card for the auction registration. What do I do?
Contact your bank and have them increase your transaction amount above the amount of the auction deposit. If that is not possible, please call the office of the Auctioneer: 410-296-8440.

What is a max bid?
You can set a maximum amount that you want to bid and the system will automatically bid for you up to that amount.

Can I see inside the property?
Some properties are available to view. See each auction web page under and look for the heading: Showing and Inspection. If the property is available to view there will be instructions posted there.

I’ve already registered for your auctions, do I need to register again?
If you have registered for one of our on-site auctions before, you will need to create a new online bidding login. This is a separate system for online bidding.
If you have bid online on another of our auctions, you can use the same login and then register to bid on the new property.

If there are multiple properties in an auction, do I register for each?
Once you register for an auction, whether there are 2 items/properties or 10 you can bid on all of the items/properties within the auction.

For more information about the online bidding system and the online bidding app: